business operations at uii

The Six principles of business operations at UII

List of all six principles of business operations at our factory


We believe that ‘’ Quality ‘’ is the responsibility of all employees. The quality of our Products & Services and consequently the future of our company is a direct result of the everyday actions of our employees ensuring food safety at all levels and in all departments. Every stage of our manufacturing process is stringently supervised to adhere to the Basis of quality and to reduce waste during production.


UII IS COMMITTED TO STRENGTHENING ITS CULTURE OF ANTICIPATION AND PREVENTION so it can better manage risks in these areas and protect its staff, partners, suppliers, customers, and all communities its activities impact on. UII is committed to open dialogue with all its stakeholders in the spirit of transparency and honesty.
THE SET OBJECTIVES that make up this policy are part of an effort to continually improve performances

Product & Services

UII is an independent Company that has been in Ghana since 2002 and has its own products and services manufactured and packaged in Ghana (Such as milk powder Bouba, Peanuto chocolate coated Peanuts, Oprah Tea) and also have its Manos Chocolate Manufacturing Factory in Lebanon.
Our basis of Products can be bought locally or imported.

Environmental rules

The Action plans presented are to enable the Company to manage effectively to issues relating to:
– Compliance with all statutory environmental legislation
– Solid waste management including waste segregation
– Energy management
– Awareness creation and environmental information communicated by team members from the senior staff to all employees of the organization.

Customer & Consumer

Produce or package dairy and confectionery products to meet international standards with essential quality controls.
Sell good quality, nutritious and hygienic products.
Satisfy the entire group of consumers.
Use the type of technology and innovation which will create less waste or zero waste to the environment.

Team Spirit

Teamwork is “work done by all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole”
“Team training promotes teamwork and enhances team performance.
Communication is an essential part of our everyday activities, and through this is why we at UII are advanced in Team work & Spirit.