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Uii has been funded in 2002 by Mr. Skaf Mahmoud, a very well known investor in the food industry sector for his experience, his perfectionism and the outstanding quality of his job. Sometimes, despite conditions in Africa that might become hard, UII has a very qualified team who knows how to set the standards very high in terms of quality and efficiency. It is because of this strictness that the biggest worldwide food companies such as Nestlé totally trust UII for Central and West African region since more than 15 years. UII also manufactures tea and has previously manufactured confectionneries. Thanks to its considerable West African experience, UII can make you access this market with no custom duties*. On the ground, UII is an example to follow on ecological impact not only on its very high standards of product quality but also health and safety standards for its employees. *Some conditions apply

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Universal Investment and Industries Ghana ltd. (U.I.I) Nestle co-packer is categorized as Distribution Service, Manufacturer, Tea Supplier.

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